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            Understand the role and type of regulating valve

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            Understand the role and type of regulating valve, which is also known as control valve. In the field of industrial automation process control, by accepting the control signal output from the control unit, the power flow is used to change the process parameters such as medium flow, pressure, temperature and liquid level. The final control element. It usually consists of an actuator and a valve. According to the characteristics of the stroke, the regulating valve can be divided into a straight stroke and a angular stroke; according to the power used by the actuator, it can be divided into three types: a pneumatic regulating valve, an electric regulating valve and a hydraulic regulating valve.

            Regulating valve

            There are many types of valve bodies for regulating valves. Commonly used valve bodies are straight-through single-seat, straight-through two-seat, angular, diaphragm, small flow, three-way, eccentric rotation, butterfly, sleeve, and spherical.

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