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            Principle and structure of automatic transfer switch controller

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            The principle and structure of the automatic transfer switch controller, the automatic transfer switch controller is a smart dual power switching system with programmable, automatic measurement, LCD display, digital communication and so on. After matching with the low-voltage air circuit breaker, it is especially suitable for automatic conversion and protection of the two low-voltage incoming lines.


            The execution component of the automatic transfer switch controller is a frame type air circuit breaker. The two circuit breakers do not need to be equipped with an adapter. The controller directly monitors the state of the power supply, and automatically controls the switching between the common power source and the standby power source.

            The controller is divided into a combination of a logic controller and a microprogram controller, each of which has strengths and weaknesses. The combinational logic controller is cumbersome to design and has a complicated structure. Once the design is completed, it cannot be modified or expanded, but it is fast. The microprogram controller is easy to design, simple in structure, convenient to modify or expand, and to modify the function of a machine instruction, only need to reprogram the corresponding microprogram; to add a machine instruction, just add a micro program in the control memory. However, it is done by performing a shred. The specific comparison is as follows: The combination logic controller, also known as the hard wiring controller, is composed of logic circuits, and the functions of the instructions are completely realized by hardware.

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