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            Application and technical characteristics of sanitary tank bottom valve

            Date:[2019-04-10]     Click:

            The application and technical characteristics of the sanitary tank bottom valve, the sanitary grade tank bottom valve is a highly clean and hygienic non-retaining diaphragm valve installed in the bio-pharmaceutical or food processing industry. It is mainly used for venting. The material inside the container does not remain in the valve inside the valve chamber.

            Tank bottom valve

            Technical characteristics of sanitary tank bottom

            1, manual / pneumatic operation

            2. Pneumatic operation can be configured with process controller and position sensor, which can realize automatic remote control first.

            3. Specifications: 3/4" to 3", DN20 to DN80

            4, connection method: clamp, welding, flange

            5. Sealing material: PEFE/EPDM/FPM/EPDM

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