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            Precautions for pneumatic butterfly valve installation

            Date:[2019-04-10]     Click:

            Pneumatic butterfly valves are required for installation.

            Pneumatic butterfly valve

            1. In the course of application, the pneumatic butterfly valve should always be kept clean. The timing of the transmission thread must be smooth. When it is found to be faulty, stop using it immediately and find out the cause to eliminate the problem.

            2. The bolts of the packing gland should be evenly tightened, and should not be pressed into a smashing condition to avoid the movement of the valve stem or the leakage.

            3. When installing, the valve can be directly installed on the pipeline according to the connection method. Under normal conditions, it can be installed in the pipeline orientation, but it is easy to operate. Note that the flow direction of the shut-off valve should be upward from the longitudinal valve flap. The lift check valve can only be installed horizontally.

            4. When the pneumatic butterfly valve is used, it is only used for full opening or full closing. It is not allowed to use the conditioning flow to avoid erosion of the sealing surface and accelerate wear. The gate valve and the upper thread stop valve have an inverted seal installation, and the hand wheel is screwed to the upper direction to tighten, so that the medium can be prevented from leaking from the filler.

            5. Use the handwheel when opening and closing the pneumatic butterfly valve. Do not use levers or other things to avoid damage to the valve. The handwheel rotates clockwise to close, and vice versa.

            6. Before installation, it is necessary to carefully check the pressure of the valve mark, whether the diameter meets the application requirements, eliminate the shortcomings caused by the transportation process, and eliminate the dust of the valve parts.

            7. Long-term storage of valves should be checked regularly. The exposed surface should be kept clean and dusted. When the ball valve is closed, the ball valve should be blocked at both ends and open. Pneumatic butterfly valve, the two ends of the channel should be blocked and in a closed condition, neatly It is stored in a ventilated place indoors and is not allowed to be stacked or stored in the open air.

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