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            Manual aseptic diaphragm valve

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              The aseptic diaphragm valve can be operated either manually with a single handle or remotely with a pneumatic head. Ideal for pipeline fluid control and on/off tasks. It is widely used in the sanitary industry, dairy products, beverages and other food industries as well as in the pharmaceutical field of aseptic conditions.

            Technical Parameters

            ◆Specification: 0.5"~4" DN10~DN100

            ◆Connection method: welding, clamp, flange

            ◆Maximum working pressure: ≤10bar

            ◆Continuous working temperature: -20 ° C to 120 ° C (EPDM / PTFE)

            ◆Contact with material: SS304/SS316L

            ◆Inside surface contact product: Ra≤0.4μm

            ◆Sealing: EPDM/PTFE, EPDM, SI, FPM

            working principle

            The tight fit of the valve body and diaphragm provides a body seal and seat seal to ensure complete isolation of the internal and external environment of the pipe, so the valve is suitable for aseptic processes. The opening and closing of the diaphragm valve is achieved by the up and down movement of the valve stem. When the valve stem is in the upper position, the spherical diaphragm bends the valve upward to form an on state. When the valve stem moves from top to bottom, the valve core is driven to bend the diaphragm, and the diaphragm is forced to close to the valve seat area or close the pipeline fluid to the path. The valve can be operated manually or pneumatically and can also be controlled by an intelligent controller.

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