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            Sterile flange

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               This aseptic method is a sterile mounting flange for all types of equipment installed on tanks such as temperature sensors, level sensors and clamp-on sampling valves. It features superior CIP/SIP (in-place cleaning/in-place sterilization) performance and enables quick installation of equipment to the top, bottom and side sections. Safe and fast installation of the device is possible. The distance of the fixing surface is substantially equal to the distance of the contact surface. The condensed water or other impurities in the mounting groove can be removed from the liquid discharging hole through the liquid discharging hole, and the installation groove is cleaned to avoid corrosion of the flange base or to breed microorganisms. Widely used in food, beverage, electronics, semiconductor, bio-pharmaceutical and other industries.

            Technical Parameters

            ◆Specification: 1/2"~4" DN10~DN100

            ◆Connection method: welding

            ◆Contact with material: SS304/SS316L

            ◆Internal surface contact product: Ra≤0.8μm

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