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    SGM manual aseptic sampling valve (PTFE)

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      Sterile sampling valves are primarily used for material sample collection in tank equipment or piping and require sterilization prior to and after each sampling. No dead ends, complete sterilization, continuous sampling and sterile sampling at any time. Widely used in food, wine, beverage, dairy products, toothpaste cosmetics, bio-pharmaceutical and other industries.

    Technical Parameters

    ◆Specifications: DN6 DN8 DN10 DN15

    ◆Connection method: welding, clamp, thread

    ◆Maximum working pressure: ≤8bar

    ◆Maximum sterilization pressure: ≤3bar

    ◆Working temperature: -10 ° C to 120 ° C

    ◆Maximum sterilization temperature: 120~150°C

    ◆Contact with material: SS316L Other parts SS304

    ◆Internal surface contact product: Ra≤0.8μm

    ◆ Seal: PTFE

    working principle

    This aseptic sampling valve is mainly divided into handwheel, bracket, valve core, valve body, diaphragm seal ring. When it is in the closed state, it is necessary to rotate the handwheel clockwise to push the valve core, and the sealing rubber head presses the sealing rubber head to the inlet of the valve body material to achieve the sealing effect; if sampling is required, one of them (generally the lower one) The sampling port is filled with steam or other sterilizing medium, and the entire sample chamber is filled and exported from another sampling port. After a certain period of time, the sample chamber and the sampling port are sterilized; then the hand wheel is rotated counterclockwise to pull The valve core causes the sealant head to be detached from the inlet of the valve body material, so that the sample flows out of the tank through the sample chamber and is collected from the sampling port; after the sampling is completed, the hand wheel is rotated clockwise to push the spool, and the spool is again passed through the spool. The sealant head is pressed at the inlet of the valve body material; the residual liquid in the sample chamber is discharged through clean water (if the sample is a clean medium such as sterile water, this step can be omitted), and then the sterilization medium is injected for sealing. Retain and wait until the next sampling.

    Working principle diagram

                Sampling state diagram           Sterilization state diagram

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